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We are a non-profit organization that was set up by and for meditation practicing groups taught by Venerable Bhanté Samadhikusalo - previously known as the meditation teacher Dhammaruwan.  Nirodha Retreats has its teachings rooted firmly established in the traditional Theravada Buddhism found in Sri Lanka which can be traced back to the time of the Buddha. 
However, presentation styles may vary depending on the countries and cultures they are taught in, with an attempt to bring the complex and profound teachings to the relevant audience in a simple and palatable manner but never diluting or changing the essence of the sacred teachings.

The first Nirodha City Center was started in 2010, five years after Nirodha was established.  Currently, Nirodha classes and retreats are conducted in several countries in Asia; Australia;  Germany, Netherlands, Mallorca-Spain, U.K. & U.S.A.

The Nirodha Difference

Dhammaruwan (later ordained as Bhanté Samadhikusalo), being a long time practitioner and meditation teacher experienced many decades of meditation, dating back to his early childhood starting from the early 1970’s.  

After his completion of the teacher training program in 2005 at Barre MA, Insight Meditation Society, he came to research upon what actually is barring yogis from their development of meditation, seeing that it is not the lack of trained teachers or the proper teachings that causes this stagnation in the spiritual path.  He realized that what everybody is missing is caring and continuous support and once this support is given the yogi is encouraged to develop at their own pace and progress.  To arrive at this goal, personalized teaching and smaller groups with closed connection with the teacher was paramount.  Although this is a difficult task, and financially not viable and seemingly not feasible he started teaching with smaller groups and personally guiding them and as time passed this seemingly impossible task took shape and taking precautions of avoiding teacher idol worshipping, he avoided using his name and used the term “Nirodha meditation”.  Nirodha meaning the complete cessation of suffering, a synonym to Nibbana, the third Noble Truth, literally meaning ending or finishing.

About Teacher

Bhanté Samadhikusalo (previously the international meditation teacher 'Dhammaruwan') was born in a traditional Buddhist village in Sri Lanka and became famous for spontaneously chanting suttas in his early childhood. Bhanté began his meditation practice with the teachings of Anagarika Shri Munindra of India and has since associated many world renowned meditation and Dhamma teachers. He has had over 35 years of meditation practice, co-teaching his first residential retreat as a layman in 1987 alongside Bhikkhu Wannasara of Canada. He was trained for many years under the guidance of Bhante Henepola Gunaratana Nayaka Thero, during which time he undertook temporary ordination as Samanera Dhammaratana.   Bhanté Samadhikusalo is a graduate of the Insight Meditation Society’s Professional Teacher Training Program (2005 - Barre, MA). In 2008, he founded the Nirodha Trust, followed by Nirodha Retreats in 2010 and then the opening of the first Nirodha City Centre and Nirodha Retreats Worldwide in 2016.  Bhanté Samadhikusalo teaches worldwide, applying a unique formula of a ‘Nirodha Retreat’; bringing students complex teachings in a simple and engaging manner, while ensuring individual development. Read More






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