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Please arrive at your appointment five minutes before your scheduled time-slot. 


If the yogi before you hasn't completed their interview, kindly wait outside until the yogi finishes and comes out of the hall. Do not exchange greatings with other yogis as this may not be what they want.

Do NOT bring phones or recording equipments and eletcronic wrist bands.


After your session, please leave the hall silently and do not engage talking with the other yogis.




If you wish to donate cash it should be in a sealed envelope with your name and amount written. Please put it in the Donation box avoiding handing over the money directly to Bhante.

What to bring:

your log book, pen, printouts of online one-on-ones.



What NOT to bring

Please don't bring any food items, books or drinks to offer Bhante, due to space limitations and garbage disposal issues. If you need to offer meals to Bhanté please ask him on how this can be arranged.