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All Nirodha Worldwide Retreats are designed to provide an experience that supports your learning, training and practice. 

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The beginner retreat is an experiential introduction to meditation.  It is a residential 5-7 day silent retreat in which the yogi is trained in basic techniques to build a foundation for a deep-rooted practice.  There are sessions for sitting and walking meditation that are complemented with the appropriate Dhamma teachings based on the Satipatthana sutta.  Each yogi is given individual and personalized instructions for their practice and development.  Although this retreat is primarily for beginners, it is also open to all participants including beginner, intermediate, advanced yogis and non-Nirodha yogis.  Often intermediate and advanced yogis participate to refresh their practice basics Next Beginner Retreat


The intermediate retreat focuses on further training to deepen the practice.  Here, training which is necessary beyond the basics are taught especially sustaining the practice and working on habitual thought patterns. Intermediate retreats are the most common retreats of Nirodha and attracts a larger number of yogis. An advanced practitioner with a choice between a beginner retreat and an intermediate retreat would pick an intermediate retreat.  The basic retreat training is needed to join an intermediate retreat.


The advanced retreat are not very frequent in a calendar year and often the yogis are selected by the teacher.  The advanced retreat focuses on longer practice time and often is very challenging and strenuous.  However the results of such retreat for a yogi is far greater than that of other retreats.  The most sought after long retreat the annual three weeks retreat which is usually in the first weeks of January and held in the Southeast Asian region.

Pilgrimage Retreat

Almost every year, yogis have the opportunity to travel with Bhanté on a pilgrimage retreat to sites that have Buddhist significance.  In addition to their meditation practice, here the yogis get a background on how the teachings are being nurtured throughout the centuries.

These mobile retreats are indeed timeless experiences.

Upcoming pilgrimage tours include:
India Buddhist Sector

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Mindfulness retreats are usually conducted in silence.  Silence helps the practitioner to observe in-depth and moment-to-moment rising and passing away of phenomena and this helps both internal and external environment that’s conducive for growth and spiritual progress along the spiritual path.  In our retreat, silence from the yogi and silence towards the yogi are both given strict emphasis. 

Guidance Sessions

Personal guidance sessions with the teacher are one of the most effective ways of learning which come down through generations in spiritual practices.  Here the teacher gets a clearer idea about how to personally cater to practitioners as well as the practitioner can clarify any doubts or uncertainties that prop up in the meditation practice. The guidance sessions itself have a profound effect in all aspects of meditation including effective enforcement of effort that’s indispensable for meditation practice.  In a retreat, the yogi usually receives guidance once in two days if not everyday guidance, in this manner.


Retreat menus comprise of healthy and balanced vegetarian cuisine. To the extent possible, the food that is served is selected to support meditation practice.  Breakfast is served in the morning followed by lunch around noon and a light meal at dinner time.  The menu is designed to be satisfying yet not heavy, so as to suit a retreat environment where there is not much exertion of the body.

Teacher Donation

In Nirodha retreats, there are no fees assessed for the teaching and this concept is often mis-understood.  Therefore, as a practice at the end of each retreat, it is customary to be given an opportunity to offer the teacher a donation.  There is no set amount, so you can decide your extent of gratitude and generosity from your heart.   This also may reflect to you how much you have benefited from the retreat.  Please plan accordingly as often yogis new to this concept are often disheartened that they had not been informed to be adequately prepared for this meritorious opportunity.

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