Retreats conducted by Nirodha are designed to provide an experience that cultivates physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  The teachings are personalized for the participants and repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, tranquility and active reconnection with body and mind.


Vipassana Retreats

The Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is designed to be a transformative experience in awareness. The teachings are based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind and mind objects. The main objective is to direct your awareness to break through delusion and develop an understanding of true nature. 

Pariyatti Retreats

Sutta-based retreat include the study of specific sutras or sections of the Dhammapada.  Each day there is a Dhamma discussion accompanied by the practice.  The retreats are best suited for yogis who have passed the first few years of practice, so as not to be harmful for beginner yogis.

Nirodha Retreat

A Nirodha Retreat is an exclusive experience for the whole being.  The retreat that is between five and 21 days is personalized for each participant to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Unique aspects of a Nirodha retreat include meditation practice and Dhamma teaching supported by holistic healthy practices, organic nutrition and practices that exemplify a balanced lifestyle. 


Repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, concentration and active reconnection with body and mind.

Pilgrimage Tour Retreats

Pilgrimage tour retreats include an external tour to Buddhist sites in India and Sri Lanka.  The sites include those of Buddhist significance including temples, and sites where the Buddha attained enlightenment, preached the first sermon setting in motion the wheel of the Dhamma, places that the Buddha resided and preached sermons, and where he passed away.  Meditations retreats, tours and trekking (optional) are a part of the retreat. Pilgrimage tours are open to all yogis, families and friends. 

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