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Three ways to begin

There are three ways of joining a Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ® meditation group:


Apply for the

Right From the Start Course

This course is a pre-requisite that teaches the basics of meditation.  Depending on where you reside, these courses can be accessed in-person or online.  Upon completion of the RFS course, one can join the assigned meditation class and receive other benefits from Nirodha Retreats Worldwide that will support your practice.



Meditation is an indispensable training for gaining wisdom into the true nature of all conditioned phenomena for the attainment of the state of no-suffering.


The word “Nirodha” means cessation of suffering.  The individual  journeying into spiritual practice with Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ®  will receive all aspects of mental training and development, with continuous spiritual support and guidance. This helps the nurturing and fostering of one’s spiritual path to a state of no-suffering in both mundane and supra mundane levels.  


Due to the individualised teaching and training, N R W ® selects and teaches only small groups of yogis and thereby entrance is limited. 


N R W ® emphasises on yogi practice and development while discourages teaching larger groups or expansion of an organisation.  Therefore, you may find despite functioning for decades N R W ® not promoted publicly. This principle has brought about more serious spiritual seekers who often have stumbled upon this training as a benefit of their wholesome karma.


Another feature that we pride ourselves upon is not charging fees for the training keeping the teaching pure and free of the clause of consumerism.  Letting go and generosity being an essential practice of spiritual liberation, the functioning of the entire organisation depends on the kind generosity and support of its practitioners on a voluntary basis. 


Participate in a beginner retreat 

Upon completion of a Nirodha beginner retreat, one can join Nirodha programs with the teacher’s recommendation. The beginner retreat will cover many basic concepts that a yogi finds essential before joining the intermediate and advanced training.


Meeting with teacher

Bhanté Samadhikusala 

On rare occasions some yogis have joined Nirodha programs after meeting with Bhanté where he was able to evaluate the yogi and

directly enroll them to a specific program. This would make the participant join Nirodha without the pre-requisite of the Right From the Start program or a beginner retreat.