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Access short Dhamma talks and programs given by Bhikkhu Samadhikusala

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Bi-weekly sutta study course where in-depth study in to the Buddha’s teachings is explained as an academic program in a meditative environment.  Nirodha yogis benefit from pre-lecture preparations and as well as post-lecture hand outs and Q&A. Read more



Meditation Program 

The Personalized Meditation Program is designed to give Nirodha yogis the opportunity to receive guidance directly from Bhanté.  This teaching and guidance is  customized for each yogi’s meditation practice. Read more

(Since 2010)

Right From the Start Program (RFS-1)

Learn to meditate from the very beginning with step-by-step guidance and techniques to progress towards becoming a steady meditator.Read more

(Since 1988)


Retreats conducted by Nirodha  provide an experience that cultivates physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  The teachings are personalized for the participants and repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, tranquility and active reconnection with body and mind. 

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