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The Colombo Nirodha City Centre started in 2010 is a part of the Nirodha Retreats Worldwide and is located in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.  The central location is convenient for yogis to attend one-on-one interviews with Bhante, as well as weekend programs – such as Saturday & Sunday classes including Right From the Start (RFS) classes and Public Talks by Bhante.  The City Centre also serves as Bhante’s residence when he is in Colombo.

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Nirodha City Centres


Keeping to the four training methods of Nirodha, the City Centre has emphasis on daily practice, weekly class, meeting with the teacher, and retreats.   In a city centre, there are meditation classes and theory classes which are two of the ways for supporting yogis. Additionally, the city centre becomes the dwelling of the resident teacher and when Bhanté travels, he resides in a city center which also is the location for group practice and meetings.
In some city centers where there are facilities available, retreats can be conducted for half-a- day or a full day where a yogi brings their own food and they practice meditation for the day.

The limitations of a city centre: Retreats are always non-residential retreats and large numbers cannot be accommodated, usually there can be a maximum of only 20-40 attendees. 

A Nirodha City Centre is a supporting venue for the neighborhood and community meditation practice including people who can attend the weekly class from a drivable distance.   It is a centre in the city where people can conveniently access and have a place to practice in their vicinity.

At the City Centre, Buddhist cultural activities can also be practiced - if a monk is residing, yogis can offer dana, or invite and support the teaching monk to spend the rains retreat there. Other traditional practices and activities can also be observed.


Developing a Nirodha City Centre

There are several stages for the development of a Nirodha City Centre.  Initially there is an Online group that evolves into a Practice group that meets up every Sunday.  Once there is a teacher present, the group becomes more dynamic where programs are developed and conducted.  As weekly attendance to practice and support for the teacher increases, then the group grows into a city center.  Usually a city centre is supported by more than 20-30 people while a group can be as small as 5-7 people.

Opening of the City Centre in Nugegoda by Ve. Bhikkhuni Nirodhaa


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