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Weekly classes are held at City Centers or groups where Bhanté is present.  At the City Centers and groups where Bhanté is not present, these are conducted as live online classes with real time interactions.  These are classes which focus mainly on the Dhamma (theory), and meditation (practice).  Usual format of a Dhamma class would be similar to a class room but set up in a meditative environment where a yogi studies and takes notes while using the relevant text books. 

Meditation Classes

The main type of classes of Nirodha are the meditation classes. The classes are conducted in silence where yogis arrive and depart in silence in a complete meditative environment.   Upon arrival the yogi will sit in meditation and a session of guided meditation is conducted.  After the guided meditation, a talk on meditation  or a meditation related topic is discussed.

Supplemental Classes

Sutra class and Dhammapada class are the current supplemental classes available for Nirodha yogis. These classes are designed as a support for meditation practice and not encouraged to only be taken as an academic fulfillment.

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