by Nirodha


Respect & Honor                                                   Your participation in the online class must be treated with respect and honor.  The code of conduct that you must follow is included here and must be closely read and followed.  


Before the session

Set aside the time for the relevant session
Maintain and ensure noble silence through out ( external sounds from home should not be  heard
Keep all phones switched off or fully muted
Adhere to an appropriate dress code similar to what would be appropriate for a class
Sit alone in a  quiet room where you will not be disturbed during the time duration of the session, ( unless with a spouse yogi if it is relevant )
Maintain noble silence at all times and if sitting with spouse yogi, refrain from speaking with each other during this time

During the session

Do not meddle or adjust the connection after joining the session, as it may disturb Bhante and other online attendees.
You are required to remain online for the full duration of the session and should not  disconnect during the session.
Avoid reconnecting if the connection at your end fails as it will disturb the session.
Ensure that you do not engage in any other activity (ie. eating, drinking ,cooking , attending to other chores at home or official work etc ) or listen in / participate when traveling.


As a policy Nirodha does not allow talks to be recorded and we would appreciate if you respect that rule.
As you are aware, Bhante addresses his talks and guided meditation practice to suit each individual group, hence please refrain from inviting others to join in to the sessions unless Bhante specifically says in advance that a talk could be shared when listening with friends and family.