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2015 and Before

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Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ® 

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Invitation for Rains

 (June 9, 2022)

Vas Aradana pinkama





Walking with Bhanté G. 1985

Dhammaruwan (17) - the first walk at Wiseman’s Ferry, Sydney on the way to the monastery Wat BuddhaDhamma.


Accompanying Bhante G. 1985

Traveling with Bhanté Gunaratana in Australia, here having lunch at the Centre Point Tower.

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A new City Centre 

 (June 9, 2022)

Accepting Offering of premises for a new City Centre


The main Nirodha City Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 2010 was based in rental properties in Colombo and for so many years this involved the main City Centre moving from place to place every year or two.  First it was at Duplication Road, then Edirisinghe Road in Mirihana, then in Jayanthipura and currently in Battaramulla. There was a crying need for a Centre but Nirodha didn’t have finances to outright purchase a place.  Hence with quite a lot of difficulty over the years the teacher Bhikkhu Samadhikusala had to live alone, forego important matters as well as undergo difficulties of not living in a monastic environment.  Due to the wholesome and caring intentions of Dr. Nileeni Meegama a new city centre that is to be offered to Bhikkhu Samadhikusala was sought by Dr.Meegama who introduced Mr. Ranjith Wickramasingha and Mrs. Mignonne Wickramasingha to Bhikkhu Samadhikusala and after some discussions they brought to the notice of Bhikkhu Samadhikusala that they have an intention of donating their ancestral home that belonged to his mother Mrs. Enid Atapattu to be given as a place for Buddhist studies.  His intentions were to give this to a place for Buddhist work where it would not to be used for commercial practices and instead be specifically used for meditation.  Mr. Wickramasingha was delighted with meeting Bhikkhu Samadhikusala and explained his intentions.  Bhikkhu Samadhikusala suggested that since it is their ancestral property belonging

to his mother it would be nicer to have this meditation centre in the name of Mrs Enid Atapattu.

This land being highly a commercial valued property with its land expanse approximately is monetary terms valued well in excess of a million US dollars.  This is not a simple donation but one with great value and as Bhanté mentioned the value is far greater because the intentions of the giver and receiver are both pure.

On the morning of June 9th, 2022, SKF board members Hon Treasurer, Dulsiri and Hon. Secretary Nileeni arrived at the Centre to make final preparations prior to the arrival of the lawyer Mrs Inoka Gajanayake introduced by Ms Jayasinghe and the donor Mr. Ranjith Wickramasingha with his wife Mrs. Mignonne Wickramasingha.  Upon arrival and following amicable greetings, Bhikkhu Samadhikusala presented Mr. Wickramasinghe with the book, “Rebirth in Early Buddhism and Current Research” by Bhikkhu Analayo that includes a chapter about Bhikkhu Samadhikusala’s childhood experiences.  This was followed by lighting of the traditional oil lamp, offering flowers to the Buddha and chanting,  The deed of gift (Pūja) was then signed by Mr. Ranjith Wickramasingha and offered to Bhikkhu Samadhikusala to sign and acknowledge his acceptance.  The signing was formally witnessed by Mrs. Mignonne Wickramasinghe and Dr. Nileeni Meegama in the presence of the lawyer Mrs Inoka Gajanayake and Ms D. A. Jayasinghe.  

Following the signing, Bhikkhu Samadhikusala chanted blessings and tying of blessing threads for the donors and all present to commemorate this magnanimous gesture of generosity by Mr. and Mrs. Wickramasingha.  Traditional milk rice and sweets were served to celebrate this event.


Walking with Bhanté G. 1985

Dhammaruwan (17) - the first walk at Wiseman’s Ferry, Sydney on the way to the monastery Wat BuddhaDhamma.


Accompanying Bhante G. 1985

Traveling with Bhanté Gunaratana in Australia, here having lunch at the Centre Point Tower.

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Koslanda Retreat

(Jan 22, 2022)

A pickup for the lost time

Due to pandemic restrictions, for two years Nirodha was unable to conduct retreats and this was a smaller retreat with yogis who were able to participate despite the restrictions.  As there has been no Thailand retreat since 2000, this retreat was nicknamed “the mini-Thailand retreat”. There was a great deal of effort applied into the organisation of this retreat due to the restrictions. 

This retreat was conducted mainly to uphold the depreciating practice of yogis rather than for advancement or developing due to this long lapse of retreats and group sittings.  For this reason it was a more helpful retreat and it was much appreciated by yogis with all levels of practice.  Unlike the other retreats which was organised by NRW, the SKF board members arranged and managed the retreat.  

This was a difference in retreat organising.  


The retreat was held in the highlands of Sri Lanka surrounded by waterfalls, higher elevation and cool climate of Central Sri Lanka.  The venue was very peaceful and quiet.  Upon entering one could appreciate the tranquility of the location and the still solemn mountain on the opposite side and the faraway and distant mountains.  There was a yoga session each morning and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine was served each day.

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