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Regular Class


Regular classes are held in the Nirodha City Centres with Bhante in-person or online.  This is a general class where many regular yogis participate including yogis who have been with Bhante for many years.  The class starts with a guided sit and is followed by a Dhamma Talk.  In the class, there is discussion of a broad spectrum of subjects especially those that pertain to the householder’s life and meditation practice.    



Class Structure


Guided silent meditation

Dhamma Talk on selected topics



What you will learn


Applying the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Practicing the Noble Eight Fold Path

Practical applications to your lifestyle

Ways to deepen your practice



Other benefits for the participants


Personalized guidance and one-on-ones with Bhante

Priority of invitation for retreats

Priority for additional classes

Committed member of Nirodha community 



For whom


Yogis who have completed the RFS-B class are invited to join the Regular class.





Sunday at 0830 hours (LK Time)

Gate opens at 0800 hours

At City Centre at Pelawatte, Sri Lanka

Duration: 2 hours