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RFS-Beginner Class


The beginner class (RFS-B) teaches the practice and the theory to further the existing training of already completed Right from the Start program.  Rather than being a program or a course of study, RFS-B class trains the practitioner to apply oneself in a weekly training.  This weekly training will further empower one to lead a practical meditative lifestyle during the course of the week.  




RFS-B Class Structure


Guided silent meditation

Meditation Talk on selected topics

Meditation Talks on further expansion on RFS topics



What you’ll learn


Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Nature of Mind

Four Noble Truths

Noble Eight Fold Path

Practice with instructions



For whom 


For those who want to further develop their meditation practice to bring it to a higher level of peace and contentment in their lives. 

For yogis who have completed the Nirodha Right From the Start (RFS) course and looking to further their practice.





Saturday at 0830 hours (LK Time)

Gate opens at 0800 hours

At City Centre at Pelawatte, Sri Lanka

Duration: 2 hours

Other benefits for the participants


Individualised one-on-ones with Bhante

Access to Nirodha community events and activities