Meal Dana

A traditional offering of food for a monk (pindapata) bring great merits for practice done by Buddhists the world over.

You can offer Bhante the same by providing his mid-day meal.

Monetary Offerings

You can donate towards the cost of maintaining the Nirodha City Centre including the infrastructure that supports your meditation learning and practice.

You can also support by donating towards Bhante’s wellbeing as well as the teaching related work that Bhanté is doing around the world.



Shrama Dana






“Shramadana” is a concept that is practiced in the East for centuries.  This is a way to learn the giving of one’s physical energy, without any monetary gain.  This is a higher giving as here you give your worth in your earnings in time.  This practice helps to develop generosity especially for those who otherwise find it difficult. 

Each week, the Nirodha City Center community meets to clean the city centre facilities.  This practice is done with mindfulness and in silence.

Shramadana will be held every 2nd Saturday of the Month from 4 pm to 6 pm
About 6  - 7 people  can do one session .

Yogis are invited to generously contribute their time and energy towards this task………………..

Please indicate your preferred date with your name and phone number / email (your preferred method of communication ), and Abigail will confirm the Shramadana schedule as applicable to you at the beginning of the respective month.

Tentative dates for the rest of 2019 are as follows ;

August         -    10th Saturday
September         -    14th Saturday
October        -    12th Saturday
November         -    09th Saturday
December         -    14th Saturday

 Please note however that there maybe changes due to Bhante’s schedule (which will be informed with adequate notice )

Mountbatten Retreat                                             We had a retreat in Kandy, Sri Lanka at the Mountbatten Bungalow.  This was an unscheduled retreat planned at short notice due to Bhante’s postponement of the 2019 UK summer retreat.  The retreat was in a beautiful location in June 2019.

Katina celebration
Katina celebration is the traditional practice at the end of the Vas period or Rains retreat.  It is the time when laity offer Bhante cloth for robes along with other necessities.  The celebration at the Colombo City Centre will be on October 13, 2019.

Vas Pinkama
On July 16, 2019 Nirodha Colombo yogis offered Bhanté an invitation to observe the Rains retreat (Vas) at the Nirodha Colombo City Centre.    This traditional practice of Vas is for a duration of three months starting on the full moon day in July and  being completed at the end of the rainy season on the full moon day in October.  During this entire period Bhante will be based at the Colombo City Centre and supported by the Nirodha yogis in Colombo and other parts of the world.


A traditional offering of food for a monk (pindapata) bring great merits for practice done by Buddhists the world over.

At the Colombo City Centre we aim to practice this tradition by offering the mid-day meal to Bhanté Samadhikusalo Bhikkhu.  Meal offerings can be done weekly or monthly or on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) provided to dates being available.  Often these dates get booked up early, therefore request your preferred date well in advance.

Please select the dates that you want to offer dana and submit the form.  We will confirm the same date or the closest availability to that date.  You can then reply to that e-mail to confirm the new date.

Note that on Mondays and Tuesdays, Bhanté is in self-retreat and dana cannot be offered in person, instead it will need to be left on the concrete bench near the main door.  The gate will be open from 11:15 am -12:00 noon.

Meal Requirements
Vegetarian Sri Lankan food of your choice.
If it is non-Sri Lankan cuisine, please check with Bhanté through the Donation Description section on your form.

If you are outside Sri Lanka and would like to donate a meal for Bhanté, this can be done by monetary donations.  Please contact Jaco.

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