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Mastering the Dhammapada (MDp)
Mastering the Dhammapada (MDp) 

Mastering the Dhammapada (MDp)

(Prerequisite: Essential Dhammapada EDp)


The Mastering the Dhammapada (MDp) course is an intense course focused on studying, memorizing, translating and applying the teachings from the Dhammapada.  The course is structured to build on techniques and learning from EDp alongside further direction provided for self-study and home work assignments.  Each yogi will have to assess selected stanzas and demonstrate appropriate application of the teachings.  Assignments will need to be completed as scheduled for review by the teacher.  A certificate will be issued to yogis who successfully complete the course.


Class Structure

MDp Level course will include the following:

Introduction to structure 

Memorization skills

Basic Pali Language Training

Ancient Commentaries 

Application to daily life



What you will learn


Dhammapada and Sutras

Pali Basics

Study into all Dhammapada stanzas

Techniques for memorizing the stanzas

Background stories and their collection

Dhammapada application to meditation practice

Self study and Assessments


Course Requirements:


The Dhammapada - Translated by Buddharakkhita Thera

The Dhammapada - Translated by Narada Thera

Notebook & Pen


For Whom

For yogis who have completed EDp1




Announced upon completion of EDp1 

At 2000 hours (LK Time)

At City Centre at Pelawatte, Sri Lanka



90% participation is required 

written and spoken tests

completing modules