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Dhammapada (EDP1)

EDP1: what they are

Essential Dhammapada stanzas are learned in this course and give the students insight into practical application and reflection for their meditation practice.


A sufficient experience and participation should be shown in your log book entries, retreat attendance and guidance sessions.

If your current practice is insufficient to attend this class, Bhante will be unable to approve your registration for this batch.  You can join the following batch when you have demonstrated sufficient interest by attending Sunday class, submitting logs and having personal guidance on a regular basis.

Course Requirements:

  • The Dhammapada - Translated by Buddharakkhita Thera

  • The Dhammapada - Translated by Narada Thera

  • Notebook & Pen


When will it start

1st group (batch)

on    31 May 2019 

at 1900 Hours  (Lanka Time) 

at City Centre at Battaramulla Sri Lanka.

Structure of Course

EDp1 Level course will include the following compulsory elements:

  • introduction to stanzas

  • background

  • meaning and application

  • word by word

  • language

  • memorising and pronunciation



90% participation is required 

written and spoken tests

completing modules


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