“all mental formations are subject to Change, strive on for wholesomeness with diligence!.”

— Gothama, The Buddha

Mindfulness helps you feel calm and connected during these uncertain times.

These sessions are taught by Bhante Samadhikusalo - a senior meditation teacher with over 30 years of international teaching experience.

You can access these teachings from the comfort of your home and join a community of likeminded and compassionate people from around the world.

Before the session

Dedicate this time specifically for the session.
You can achieve this by turning off your cellphone or ensuring it remains on silent throughout the class and finding a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
Please dress appropriately for a class as you will be sharing your video.
Ensure you are visible (e.g. ensure you are in a well-lit room) and check on any technical issues by joining 10 minutes before the session begins.

During the session

Avoid adjusting your connection/video/audio after the session begins.
Avoid engaging in any other activity (such as eating, drinking, cooking, attending to chores or work, travelling) when joining this class.

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