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As an organisation
Origination & Background

Nirodha Trust was formed primarily to support and develop the meditation process.  As the organisation evolved, there was a need to separate the teaching aspects from the management aspects of the entity.  A managing body was designed and this created Nirodha Retreats Worldwide.  Its functionings expanded to having retreats all over the world and at its peak, Nirodha Retreats Worldwide had nineteen retreats in four continents, including nine countries.


The objectives of Nirodha Retreats Worldwide (NRW) is for organising, supporting, providing administrative assistance in all matters related to Samadhikusala Foundation and Nirodha Trust.  NRW holds the rights for Nirodha Groups and holds the rights for governing Nirodha City Centres and Nirodha Residential Retreat centres around the world.  It also develops and conducts various Nirodha programs.

Unique Nirodha Teaching Approach


Personalised support to practitioners is provided which requires emphasis on small groups of committed and dedicated meditators.   The teacher provides each meditator with personalised coaching, support and guidance for their meditation practice.  Every aspect of the practice including the daily meditation sit is closely monitored by the teacher resulting in a significant level of investment by the teacher in each student.  Therefore it is possible to only have a limited number of yogis who are serious about the practice. Nirodha yogis are encouraged to practice meditation rather than collecting knowledge without experiencing it.

The Nirodha Retreats approach retains the authenticity of the Buddha's teachings while presenting it in a manner palatable to an individual living in a modern world.