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Nirodha Offering                  Volume 8

Publisher: Nirodha Retreats Worldwide

After a hiatus, Nirodha has relaunched their magazine 'Nirodha Offering’: yet another support for your meditation practice, Dhamma studies, health & well being.

Nirodha Offering is a publication for yogis practising meditation and studying Dhamma under the guidance of Bhanté Samadhikusalo.  However, the magazine is available for others who may be interested in starting practice with us or being up-to-date with news about Nirodha.

Articles in this issue include:

  • Bhante’s editorial and Dhamma teaching

  • Sitting@Home program

  • Three weeks in Thailand

  • My first retreat

  • Online observance day of Wesak

  • Health. Wellness

  • Meditation articles                                       Redacted Bibliography for this magazine 

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Nirodha Offering was initiated in 2011 as a two-page Newsletter. The purpose of the magazine is to communicate with the circle of yogis spread around the world currently practising meditation with Nirodha.
As then a lay meditation teacher Dhammaruwan travelled constantly this magazine was a way of communicating with everyone.
This magazine is primarily  targeted for the Nirodha yogis, however, everyone is welcome to read the magazine if they so desire. You can, therefore, share this e-edition of the magazine with friends. Printing is not permitted unless prior permission is obtained from us. The magazine is available for free distribution only.




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