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3 Months Sanghika Dāna

Our Teacher Bhante Samadhikusalo’s mother passed away

The three-months Sanghika dane (Offerings to the monks)

In Sri Lanka, it is customary when a Buddhist passes away, the first thing that is given is a pansakula or white cloth to monks that can be dyed and used as robes. Thereafter there is the seventh day almsgiving in which dana or food is offered to monks for meritorious blessings to be given to the departed spirit so they can go to a better realm of existence. After three months of the person passing away, there is the 3 months merits sharing ceremony that is usually conducted on a large scale. However due to current Covid restrictions there were restrictions that allowed for only ten yogis to participate. On Feb 14, 2021, such a three months Sanghika dana was organized to share merits with the departed mother of Bhante Samadhikusalo’s. This was held at Sri Bodhiraja Mahavihara in Wadduwa. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was attended by twenty monks and ten lay devotees along with the temple community. The almsgiving began with a procession of the attending monastics lead by the casket of Buddha’s enshrined relics which was ceremoniously brought in procession with traditional drummers and musicians. The Nirodha yogi Professor Aloka Pathirana had the honor of carrying the karanduwa (ceremonial casket). The ceremony commenced with the Chief Vice Leader of Kotte Sri Samagri Dharma Mahasangha Sabbha Professor Agghamaha Pandita Kotapitiya Rahula Nayaka Thero gave an introductory talk on Bhante Samadhikusala and the purpose of this meritorious event. This was followed by dana for the monastics and lunch for the laity. Professor M. Vijitha Dhamma Thero of Pali & Buddhist studies at Sri Jayawardenapura University, Kotte lead the ceremony of blessings and sharing merits with Bhante’s mother.

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