Donation to Pirivena at Puttalama

Updated: Feb 26

In August 2019, as a result of a yogi leaving the country for postgraduate studies wanting to donate some of her belongings, an idea came to fruition for the Nirodha yogis in Sri Lanka to donate essentials required to a pirivena (monastery designated specially for student monks) in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

The yogis under the guidance of Bhante, donated essential food items and stationery required as well as sweets, cheese and school bags for the young monks of this temple whose ages ranged from 5 upwards.

The yogis and their families accompanied by a lorry load of the donations travelled to Puliyankulama to the Veheragala Rajamaviharaya where the pirivena is located. Travelling along a rugged road in the dry zone, the temple is nestled amongst shady trees bordering a lake.

Venerable Thammennavetiye Rathanajothi Nayaka Thero who was in charge of the Temple accepted the donations and praised the good intentions of the yogis in organising this and the yogis in turn were immensely gratified with the smiles of joy on the faces of the small monks who came one after the other to accept the offerings of a school bag and other small items reverentially handed over by the yogis whilst the larger donation of a washing machine and dry rations were handed over to the Nayaka Thero.

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