by Nirodha


Sanctity & Generosity                                    Although the online sessions have been established to adapt to the current environment, it is important to continue the following Dhamma practices out of both respect and gratitude.


Make your room or space for meditation as special as you would like it to be.  Ensure that it is clean, tidy and preferably empty.

If you like to create a shrine or special place for meditation with the online facility at home, please refer to the illustration that Bhanté has shared with us.  This “online meditation shrine” can be used a guide to help you with your design.  

If you have a Buddha statue, remember to place it on a table or an elevated shelf (and not on the floor).

You could also consider having a larger screen for viewing, as this is important for small letters and presentations that are used in the courses and classes. (Nirodha videos are often recorded in 4K format)

Screenshot 2563-03-29 at 00.04.40.png
Screenshot 2563-03-29 at 00.04.40.png
Screenshot 2563-03-29 at 10.07.40.png

Although not compulsory, many yogis wish to practice generosity at the end of the sessions by monetary donations to the traditional "Pin Kataya" (Donation Box). As yogis will not be able to personally offer sangika monetary Donation (Teacher donations), we have made arrangements for you to partake in this offering in the following way:

How to do this:
At the end of each session you can offer Sanghika donations (pin-kataya), mention the amount by WhatsApp text to Bhanté.  Please keep your own record and once the COVID-19 pandemic has completely passed, you would be in a position to physically donate the amounts.