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Retreat FAQ 

How do I join a retreat?

The first step is to register for the retreat and upon selection you must make the payment for the retreat to confirm your place.


Can I change my mind after registering for a retreat?

Every registration is placed on a waiting list until the date for payment. Once the payment is made, your registration is confirmed and cannot be changed or refunded.  


Can I confirm my travel for an upcoming Nirodha Retreat?

Nirodha Retreats Worldwide reserves the right to cancel any retreat for any reason right until confirming receipt of your retreat payment. Therefore, do not confirm your travel for the retreat until your payment has been accepted by Nirodha.    


What should I bring for the retreat?

Personal items for the duration of the retreat including modest and comfortable clothing including medications, a light shawl, a note book and pen. Any other retreat specific items that are suggested will be listed in the pre-retreat briefing materials.   If this is your first retreat, please see the information for first time retreat participants.


As a first time retreat participant what should I expect?

All Nirodha retreats are silent retreats and you cannot have any external communication for the duration of the retreat.  The first step is to arrive at the retreat venue one hour prior to the start of the retreat so that you can check in for the retreat, hand-in any electronic devices for safe-keeping, receive your room assignment and be ready for the pre-retreat orientation session where you will receive all the information that you need for the retreat.  


Is there a charge for the teaching?

There is no charge for the teaching as Dhamma teachings are priceless.  As a practice at the end of each retreat, it is customary to be given an opportunity to offer the teacher a donation.  There is no set amount, so you can decide the extent of gratitude and generosity from your heart.   This may also reflect on how much you have benefited from the retreat.  Please plan accordingly as sometimes yogis new to this concept are disheartened that had not been aware and were unable to adequately prepare for this meritorious opportunity.


What is included and excluded in the cost of the retreat?

Costs for the retreat include the following:

  1. Cost of full board accommodation for the yogi

  2. Cost for teacher’s accommodation

  3. Cost for staff (retreat manager) accommodation

  4. Cost for teacher’s travel to and from the venue site

  5. Costs for retreat venue site visit 

The retreat cost is the total costs of all of the above divided by the number of retreat participants. 


Costs do not include:

  1. Remuneration for the teacher



Is transportation provided by Nirodha to and from the retreat venue?

You must plan to arrange your own transportation to and from the retreat venue unless it is specified that transportation is included in the description for that specific retreat. 

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