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Weekly Meditation Classes


Practice and theory classes on meditation are conducted at the Nirodha City Centre in Colombo. Some of these classes are wi-fi enabled for practitioners living overseas.  Meditation practitioners (yogis) arrive and depart in silence for the prevalence of maintaining the meditative environment.  


Yogis are enrolled in their relevant classes in consultation with the teacher.  The usual class often starts with a guided silent meditation session conducted by the teacher which is followed by a lecture (Dhamma Talk), where more encouragement to the practice and necessary theory is taught.  Upon the ending of the class, the yogis leave in silence without any social interactions with other participants.  


All classes are held free of charge and conducted in English language.  Donations are accepted.



Due to COVID-19, additional restrictions are enforced at the city centre. A limited number of spaces are available, hence a selection process will be implemented.  Nirodha reserves the right to select participants for each class.

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