To Apply*:

  1. Check the course schedule and ensure your availability for all the five course sessions. Attendance in all the weekly sessions is mandatory. Missing a single class disqualifies you from continuing and you will have to retake the entire course.)


   2. Complete and submit the RFS online application form.


   3. Receive a confirmation e-mail within 4-10 days.  

*Prior to applying, please note the following:

  • Occasionally due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the class schedule may be adjusted.  You will be informed about any changes as soon as available.

  • You may discontinue your participation in RFS at anytime.

  • Nirodha Retreats Worldwide reserves the right to discontinue the participation of any student in the program.

***Please note that cell phones, smart watches, wrist watches, other electronic devices, handbags, water bottles etc. are not permitted inside the meditation hall.  You can avoid bringing these items with you or at your own risk you may leave them outside the meditation hall.






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