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Vesak Home program has been organized due to the Covid-19 pandemic and is designed as a support for yogis in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan expatriates.  This program is only for invitees who are currently following Bhanté’s teaching.



Sri Lanka/USA       May 7, 2020

Europe/UK            May 8, 2020

Location:  Your home

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Wear white clothes and Uthuru saluwa.

Practices & Observances
Set aside the whole day for this program.

The entire day is a silent day.

Prepare to observe sil for Wesak Poya Day.

Prepare your room or space for meditation.

There will be one guided meditation session, one Dhamma Talk and one Q&A session.


Following may help you to observe sila better.


Breakfast: Prepare your breakfast prior to the program
Lunch: Prepare lunch prior to the start of the program, or Prepared by domestic non participants
Dinner: A light soup is allowed (for 8 precepts)
Tea: Morning/Afternoon tea at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm


Silence must be observed at all times.


Turn off all cell phones and electronic devices unrelated to the Wesak program.


Ensure that your video is turned on


Avoid adjusting your connection/video/audio after the session begins.

Avoid engaging in any other activity (such as eating, drinking, cooking, attending to chores or work, traveling) when joining this program.








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