Meditate, O bhikkhu! Be not heedless. Do not let your mind whirl on sensual pleasures. Do not be careless and swallow a ball of lead. As you burn cry not "This is sorrow"

Daily Sitting Practice and its importance


One of the fundamental supports to meditation practice brought to you by Nirodha is helping you to start and maintain a daily sitting practice.  Like practicing at the nets or a sportsman, daily sitting is an indispensable aspect for the spiritual path.  


Practicing daily eventually will pave the way not only for the development of strengthening the mind with the power of concentration and gaining of wisdom through right mindfulness and but also provides the integral commitment needed for the spiritual journey. 


 It will also help the necessary identification between the ordinary life and the holy life.


No matter how many years a yogi practices if the individual daily practice is irregular and faulty, one’s meditation  practice will suffer its consequences.  This makes us here at Nirodha taking the daily sitting practice and support with utmost seriousness with the related teaching and training provided to the newcomer. Please check in this page how best you can help and learn to empower yourself with the training of the proper daily sitting practice from the very beginning.  

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