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Samadhikusala Foundation is the new evolved body of the former Nirodha Trust.  It was established primarily for the smoother functioning of both, the projects and administration of the ideals that former Nirodha Trust found difficult to implement.  On 15th of July, 2020 in the Nirodha City Centre, Colombo, the first unofficial meeting of the Samadhikusala Foundation was initiated.  In 2021,  the Samadhikusala Foundation inauguration is scheduled to take place on the Vesak Full moon Poya day.  In the interim period, the Samadhikusala Foundation (proposed) will function fully in an unofficial capacity.  




Primary Objectives
The primary objectives of the Samadhikusala Foundation are to hold and preserve its assets while helping to propagate the teachings using publications and multi-media; build and develop meditation centres and monasteries for the said organisations. The Foundation also looks after the welfare of Bhante Samadhikusalo and his team of teachers. 


Hon. Chairman

Hon. Secretary

Hon. Treasurer




Aberathna Jayasundara



Meegama, Ph.D

Dulsiri Jayasinghe

(Senior Banker)

Bhar Nayan 

(Senior Banker)


Seneviratne M.Res