Right From the Start

Introduction to Meditation (Colombo Sri Lanka Group)

~ Bhanté Samadhikusalo Bhikkhu

Course Description
The "Right From The Start" (RFS) program is an introductory course in meditation designed for yogis new to the Nirodha style of teaching. The course includes basic concepts including awareness, mindfulness, postures for meditation and challenges in the practice.  The class is conducted in five sessions held over five weeks. Attendance in all the sessions is mandatory.  All teaching is conducted in English.

Upcoming RFS program
Course Code:    RFS1119
Course Title:     "Right From The Start": An Introduction to Meditation
Starting Date:   24th of Aug 2019
Instructor:          Bhante Samadhikusalo
Course Fees:     Donations Only  

Applications Process

To apply for the RFS course, you must be invited by Nirodha or be recommended by a current Nirodha yogi.
Check the course schedule and ensure your availability for all the five course sessions. (Attendance in all the weekly sessions is mandatory. Missing a single class disqualifies you from continuing and you will have to retake the entire course.)
Complete and submit the RFS online application form.
Receive a confirmation e-mail within 4-10 days.  

Prior to applying, please note the following:

Occasionally due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the class schedule may be adjusted.  You will be informed about any changes as soon as available.
You may discontinue your participation in RFS at anytime.
Nirodha Retreats Worldwide reserves the right to discontinue the participation of any student in the program.




The RFS course as in all Nirodha programs the teachings are offered free and on a volentery donation basis (in keeping with the traditional Buddhist Dana concept).  As there is no set fee, each student has the opportunity to offer monetary donations at the end of each session and at the end of any individual interview with the teacher.  Any donations must be put in the donation box that is placed in the front of the meditation hall.

For donations by check or wire transfer, please contact the Nirodha manager for further information.







Course Schedule**
Each class comprises of 90 minute sessions and includes a lecture and a guided meditation session. Please arrive at the Centre for the lecture by 8:30am on the scheduled day.***


























**Attendance in all the weekly sessions is mandatory. Missing a single class disqualifies you from continuing and you will have to retake the entire course.
***Please note that cell phones, smart watches, wrist watches, other electronic devices, handbags, water bottles etc. are not permitted inside the meditation hall.  You can avoid bringing these items with you or at your own risk you may leave them outside the meditation hall.


16/11/ 2019

23/11/ 2019

30/11/ 2019

7/12/ 2019

14/12/ 2019


RFS Course Completion
Upon completion of the course, you must:
Schedule a one-on-one interview with Bhante Samadhikusalo
Practice sitting individually for 30 minutes or more daily
Understand basic concepts of meditation
Begin applying the concepts learned within the course
You can now proceed with the following next steps:
Attend the weekly Sunday Meditation classes with Bhante Samadhikusalo
Submit daily online one on ones with Bhante Samadhikusalo and receive personalized instruction for your practice
Attend (on invitation) intermediate Nirodha residential retreats and other similar programs








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