Weekly group sitting

Weekly Classes 


Under the training of meditation, encouragement is a key support that a practitioner receives among other trainings. Weekly group sitting in itself provide the practitioner necessary encouragement for a steady practice.


Training of the mind needs the application of both isolation practice as well as training among other practitioners. This leads to a self-correcting of one sitting meditation as well as many aspects of mindfulness.  


Since this involves quite a lot of time to be reserved for a single yogi, weekly classes are reserved only to long-time practitioners who are with Nirodha Retreats exclusively and for those beginners who show such potential. We regret that all cannot be accommodated here. 


Weekly group sit can be accessed in-person in a Nirodha City Centre or a Nirodha Meditation Centre as well as online group sits adhering to specific instructions. If you feel you are eligible for a group or want instruction son how to develop a group, request for further information.


There are many group sits that one can go to, but here the discipline and the environment is part of the whole of one training. This provides much benefit for the individual practitioner especially not personal group interactions are strongly discouraged.  

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About Class

Starting at 3:30pm, the afternoon class attracts all categories of yogis. Primarily started as a Metta afternoon class with guided meditation, it has evolved now to a class that discusses a broad spectrum of subjects especially that which pertains to the householder’s life and meditation practice.



Afternoon Class (Weekend)

Start Time


Gate open: 3:20 p.m.Gate closes: 3:29 p.m.

Nirodha City Center, Colombo

What to Bring

Notebook, All other belongings must be left in your vehicle or allocated space near the entrance.


Light colored; modest & loose fitting, include a shawl if preferred.  

Online Time--zone Availability

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