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Just a few people who want to Meditate 

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Nirodha Retreat Worldwide
Samadhikusala  Foundation

Nirodha Retreats Worldwide

Nirodha Retreats Worldwide is the managing body for retreats around the world. it helps organising, administrative assistance for retreats and the SkF Foundation. NRW have City Centres and Residential Retreat centres.

Samadhikusala Foundation

Samadhikusala Foundation is a non-profit organisation that holds the rights to publishing of teachings and preservations and propagation of teachings conducted by Bhanté Samadhikusala Bhikkhu. Among its many activities, the building of the proposed Meditation Retreat Centre in the central hills of Sri Lanka

NO News is Good News

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Less news we have on our News Page means everybody is meditating

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About Teacher

Childhood ~ Lay-Teacher ~ Buddhist Monk

Rather than teaching the theory of meditation through lectures and public forums alone, Bhanté’s teaching propels around the “Nirodha Retreat” making yogis benefit from a training of meditation lifestyle practice in a silent and secluded environment which many find as a life changing experience and immeasurable asset for self development.


In his quest for his own liberation, the layman Dhammaruwan took permanent ordination as a Buddhist monk on April 10, 2016.  The ordination ceremony took place in the Bhavana Society’s Forest Monastery in West Virginia, USA before a large gathering of monks, lay devotees, his students and his friends

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