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Clarification between

Meditation Guidance and Appointments


Personal meditation guidance session (PMGS)



1. General appointments

2. Specific appointments (PMGS).  


General Appointments

General appointments of a lay Buddhist follower meeting a monk.  This means if the monk is available, you can meet him at any time convenient in the temple.  There are no rules into this traditional method.

Nirodha upholds this traditional method of open access, however in these sessions specific meditation instructions are not given.


How to request a General appointment

A General appointment should be requested by directly contacting the monk. Traditional offerings can be offered. Refrain from offering food after 12:00 noon. 

Eligibility for Specific appointments (PMGS)

To apply for (PMGS) you need to have participated in 5 or more Nirodha retreats and currently be a part of an existing Nirodha group. If you are not part of a functioning Nirodha group and participating in a weekly or bi-weekly Nirodha class, then you are NOT eligible for (PMGS).  

How to apply for PMGS: 

Complete the following form to receive a time slot.


Practitioner Catégorisation 

*practice exclusively with Nirodha Retreats ®


Beginner: One to seven years of Meditation practice*.Intermediate to Advanced Eight to Fifteen years of Meditation practice* and participation in 15+ retreats organised by Nirodha. Advanced 20 + years of Meditation practice*.

Intermediate to Advanced retreats are conducted for yogis who have been practicing exclusively with Nirodha for 8 or more years.

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