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Over 20 years ago from the very inception of Nirodha®, one of the main training methods that were used is to train the practitioner to keep track of one’s meditation experiences. There are two types of log books, the hardcopy or the actual logbook,  the other soft copy of online logbook entries. Practitioners are given specific training on using both of these methods. there's more deeper training on log book training that supports the practitioner that a carless observer may fail to comprehend. 


Since this involves much time to observe and support practitioners individually, logbook entries are reserved only for long-time practitioners with Nirodha Retreats® practicing exclusively and for those beginners who show such potential. We regret that all cannot be accommodated here due to the lack of resources. 


If you feel that you are eligible for Online Meditation Logbook Entries or training on meditation logbook keeping, request for further information.

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