Right From the Start

Course (RFS)

Learn to meditate form the very begining with step-by-step guidance and techniques to progress towards becoming a steady meditator.


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What you'll learn

  • Function of postures and how it supports meditation practice

  • Defining meditation and its Purpose

  • Common Misconceptions and avoiding pitfalls in the practice

  • Guiding meditation and introduction to awareness

  • How to Start your Practice

  • Mindfulness - common misconceptions and arriving at the Right Mindfulness

  • Foundations of Mindfulness - an introduction

  • Obstacles and challenges in the practice and the role of defilements

  • Four Applications of Practice

  • The Steps to become a Steady practitioner

Course Description

The "Right From The Start" (RFS) program is an introductory course in meditation designed for yogis new to the Nirodha style of teaching which is personalized to each individual yogi. The course includes basic concepts including awareness, mindfulness, postures for meditation and challenges in the practice.  Attendance in all the sessions is mandatory if you intend to finish the course.







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