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Begin Meditation 
Right From The Start
with Samadhikusalo Bhikkhu

(Since 2010)

The Right from the Start program (RFS) is an introductory course to mindfulness meditation that covers basic concepts such as awareness, mindfulness, types of meditation, challenges you may face in the practice, among others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop and continue an independent daily meditation sitting

  • Understand and apply basic concepts of meditation


Additionally, upon completion of the course students will gain access to personalised guidance from the teacher and structured and progress-oriented training in meditation. 



Bhikkhu Samādhikusalà is a Buddhist monk (Bhikkhu) in the Theravada tradition from Sri Lanka. He is a well-known meditation teacher and famous for his recollection of past lives and spontaneous recitation of ancient Buddhist scripts in his early childhood. 

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Course Overview

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding meditation and its purpose or aims

  • Common Misconceptions and avoiding pitfalls in the practice

  • Awareness and Mindfulness

  • Beginning your Practice

  • Four Foundations of Mindfulness - an introduction

  • Obstacles and challenges and the role of defilements

  • Developing the practice further


The course will be delivered with a 1½ hour long session each week that comprises a guided meditation sitting (training) and a Dhamma talk (lecture). Students will also be encouraged to engage in independent practice, i.e., sitting meditation, awareness exercises, etc. 


  • Weekly Assessment (optional but recommended)

  • Assessment in Week 4 (mandatory)



Available on Request (requires completion of all assessments)


Starting dates in September and October with live classes on either Wednesday or Saturday from 10 am to 11:30 am (BST).


Fees are not charged. You are welcome to donate toward the teacher and/or the organisation. Read more about why courses are offered on a donation basis.

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