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Personalised Meditation Guidance Session (PMGS)


The practitioner at Nirodha Retreats receives personalised meditation guidance with periodic appointments with the teacher. This stands as the key training among a plethora of other trainings. ​

A subject such as meditation which is difficult to practice, harder to monitor and train needs careful monitoring and proper instructions for a steady progress. PMGS therefore proves indispensable. 


Since this involves much time to be reserved for a single yogi, PMGS together with Logbook entries are reserved only for long-time practitioners with Nirodha Retreats® practicing exclusively and for those beginners who show such potential. We regret that all cannot be accommodated for PMGS. 


Personalised meditation guidance can be accessed in two ways, 'in-person' OR  'online'. If you feel that you are eligible for the PMGS and need more information on how to join, request further information.

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