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Venerable Samādhikusalà Bhikkhu

Bhikkhu Samādhikusalà is a Buddhist monk (Bhikkhu) in the Theravada tradition from Sri Lanka. He is a well-known meditation teacher and famous for his recollection of past lives and spontaneous recitation of ancient Buddhist scripts in his early childhood.  


Before ordaining as a monk, a layman (Dhammaruwan) taught meditation for many years as a lay teacher. He led a normal married life before bringing up two children as a single parent. 

He trained under many meditation masters and Dhamma teachers and has a very strong base of traditional orthodox Buddhist practice as well as being trained in the non-Buddhist mindfulness and Dhamma adaptations practices in the more modern western traditions. These experiences have brought about a teacher who delivers complex teaching in an applicable and palatable way that relates to the modern challenging lifestyle.

Today Bhikkhu Samādhikusalà spends time teaching and training an exclusive group of meditation students of Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ®. He is also in the process of completing the training of future teachers and completing the Retreat Centre.

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Venerable Samādhikusalà Bhikkhu

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