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"Whether Standing,

walking or sitting

Lying down or

whenever awake,

develop this mindfulness

this is a divine abode"


The Buddha

Vipassana Retreats


The Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is designed to be a transformative experience in awareness. The teachings are based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind and mind objects. The main objective is to direct your awareness to break through delusion and develop an understanding of true nature.


Nirodha Retreats


A Nirodha Retreat is an exclusive experience for the whole being.  The retreat that is between five and 21 days is personalized for each participant to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Unique aspects of a Nirodha retreat include meditation practice and Dhamma teaching supported by holistic healthy practices, organic nutrition and practices that exemplify a balanced lifestyle. 


Repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, concentration and active reconnection with body and mind


Pilgrimage Retreats


Pilgrimage tour retreats include an external tour to Buddhist sites in India and Sri Lanka.  The sites include those of Buddhist significance including temples, and sites where the Buddha attained enlightenment, preached the first sermon setting in motion the wheel of the Dhamma, places that the Buddha resided and preached sermons, and where he passed away.  Meditations retreats, tours and trekking (optional) are a part of the retreat. Pilgrimage tours are open to all yogis, families and friends. 

Entry levels 



The beginner retreat is an experiential introduction to meditation.  It is a residential 5-7 day silent retreat in which the yogi is trained in basic techniques to build a foundation for a deep-rooted practice.  There are sessions for sitting and walking meditation, complemented with the appropriate Dhamma teachings. Each yogi is given personalised instructions for their practice and development. 

Although this retreat is primarily for beginners, it is also open to all participants including beginner, intermediate & advanced.




The intermediate retreat focuses on further training to deepen the practice.  

Training which is necessary beyond the basics are taught especially towards sustaining the practice. Intermediate retreats are the most frequent  retreats of Nirodha and attracts a larger number of yogis. Basic retreat training is needed to join an intermediate retreat.




Advanced retreats are not very frequent in a calendar year, and often the yogis are selected by the teacher.  

The retreat focuses on longer practice time and often is very challenging and strenuous.  However the results of such a retreat for a yogi is far greater than that of other retreats.  The most sought after Advanced retreat is the annual three weeks retreat which is usually held in early January in the Southeast Asian region.

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