The retreats are designed by Nirodha Retreats Worldwide to provide an experience that cultivates physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  The teachings are personalized for the participants and repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, concentration and active reconnection with body and mind.

Mindfulness Meditation

The Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is designed to be a transformative experience in awareness. The teachings are based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind and mind objects. The main objective is to direct your awareness to break through delusion and develop an understanding of true nature. 

Day program & Public Talks

The day program provides a useful guide for an introduction to the meditation journey.   This program often is helpful for people who have difficulty to take time off for longer retreats and can provide a helpful perspective on the practice of meditation.

Public Talks are shorter than the day program and usually take two hours with a guided meditation and a talk on meditation.  These are usually ideal on weekday evenings or weekend mornings.

You or your organization can invite us to conduct these programs at your venue.

Lovingkindness Meditation

This popular style of meditation (Metta) reflects on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated and should, therefore, be conditioned together. These retreats guide and train you in the reflective practice of tapping into an all-encompassing limitless state of non-hate. This training also complements and supports your practice of mindfulness or stillness meditation. 

Beginer Retreat

The beginner retreat is an experiential introduction to meditation.  It is a residential 5-7 day silent retreat in which the yogi is trained in Read more

Intermediate Retreat

The intermediate retreat focuses on further training to deepen the practice.  Here, training which is necessary beyond the basics are taught especially Read more

Advanced Retreat

The advanced retreat are not very frequent in a calendar year and often the yogis are selected by the teacher.  The advanced retreat focuses on Read more






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