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Meditation Practice


is a mind training exercise that develops the strengthening of the mind by applying positive forces of consciousness while suppressing the negative to arrive at innate wisdom into the truth of existence for the singular purpose of eradicating suffering.

Meditation Guidance
4 types of guidance 


Prerequisites of meditation is accessing the right view

  • Sutta Study       (Accessing the teaching of Buddha)

  • Discourses (Commentarial explanations and application of practice to daily life).  

  • Teaching as a path of training  .


  • Guided Meditations

  • Retreat training

  • Personalised Meditation Guidance


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Academic Courses

Academic courses develops knowledge on Dhamma which provide guidelines for one’s spiritual life while help clarify the uncertainties of the spiritual path.


Sutta Study Course

Sutras “sutta” meaning discourses of the Buddha from the ancient text "Sutta Pitaka" is available to Nirodha yogis who have practiced for more than three years.


This is an advanced course where Dhamma is discussed in-depth and the program is designed to provide a  supportive foundation for their meditation practice rather than encouraging dry scholarship. 

Right From Start

The "Right From The Start" (RFS) program is an introductory course in meditation designed for yogis new to the Nirodha style of teaching which is personalized to each individual yogi. The course includes basic concepts including awareness, mindfulness, postures for meditation and challenges in the practice.  Attendance in all the sessions is mandatory if you intend to finish the course.

The Essential Dhammapada (EDp) course

Designed for meditators who need to support their practice with the direct teachings of the Buddha. This course is structured to include the basics of the Dhammapada along with techniques of how to study, interpret and apply the teachings to the practice.   The course focuses on selected stanzas that are relevant for foundational study and application. Each class consists of reading and reciting of stanzas followed by translation from Pali and understanding the relevant background story. 

Book Discussion 

Bhanté Samadhikusalo elaborates on selected Dhamma Talks including guidance for meditation practice and advice on how to develop wholesome behaviors to be a better person.  The teachings are often supported by real-life examples and thereby making the teaching practical and applicable to daily life.


Meditation Retreats


A Retreat is a secure and conducive environment created with care for complete utilisation of one's own wholesome energy to activate towards the purpose of meditation


"Whether Standing, walking or sitting

Lying down or whenever awake

develop this mindfulness

this is a divine abode"



"The river flows 

Life passes rapidly

I will learn to wait"

Next Retreat
Level of entry

Vipassana Retreats

The Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is designed to be a transformative experience in awareness. The teachings are based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind and mind objects. The main objective is to direct your awareness to break through delusion and develop an understanding of true nature.

Pariyatti Retreats

Sutta-based retreat include the study of specific sutras or sections of the Dhammapada.  Each day there is a Dhamma discussion accompanied by the practice.  The retreats are best suited for yogis who have passed the first few years of practice, so as not to be harmful for beginner yogis.

Pilgrimage  Retreats

Pilgrimage tour retreats include an external tour to Buddhist sites in India and Sri Lanka.  The sites include those of Buddhist significance including temples, and sites where the Buddha attained enlightenment, preached the first sermon setting in motion the wheel of the Dhamma, places that the Buddha resided and preached sermons, and where he passed away.  Meditations retreats, tours and trekking (optional) are a part of the retreat. Pilgrimage tours are open to all yogis, families and friends. 

Nirodha Retreat

A Nirodha Retreat is an exclusive experience for the whole being.  The retreat that is between five and 21 days is personalized for each participant to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Unique aspects of a Nirodha retreat include meditation practice and Dhamma teaching supported by holistic healthy practices, organic nutrition and practices that exemplify a balanced lifestyle. 


Repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, concentration and active reconnection with body and mind