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“Drop by drop fills the water-pot to completion, Similarly; little by little the wise gathers wisdom to completion.”






(Traditional meal offering ceremony )

Online meal Offerings

(Sponsor a cooked meal as an offering)

Offering lands or premises

(Retreat Centre | Meditation Centre)

Building or renovating

(Retreat Centre | Meditation Centre)

Maintenance of the dwelling

(Retreat Centre | Meditation Centre)

In-person robe offering
Online robe offering
Offer or sponsor medicines

(Medication and treatments).

Offerings for healthcare

(Contributing towards the healthcare fund).

Sri Lanka is currently going through an economic crisis and we solely depend on donations from people. If you like, please take this opportunity to help with contributing towards these plans that describe our needs and the purpose for the donations.

Four types of Donations


From the time of the Buddha brought down through the generations, the four basic requisites or offerings for a holy being who has gone forth from home-life to homelessness are the: Food, Shelter, Clothing and Medicine.  


These are offered to mainly the Bhikkhu Sangha through whom all spiritual seekers can benefit from.  Offering of the four requisites to the Bhikkhus are considered the highest meritorious deed and many who follow Buddha Dhamma practice these as a tradition.  We made it a point to keep to these guidelines in our donation page to avoid consumerism and project mentality and to develop qualities of compassion and generosity.

Righteous Donors  

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