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Three ways
to join

There are three ways of joining a Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ® meditation group:




The word “Nirodha” (cessation) refers here cessation of suffering.  

Nirodha Retreats ®.  is a collection of small numbered groups of yogis worldwide who practice for a common aim of attaining a state of 'no suffering' using Dharma and Meditation while living a modern lifestyle. A newcomer to Nirodha must clearly understand the difference of our community with that of a large scale spiritual organisation. 

We focus on the individual and their practice than developing an organisation and even to develop a Centre. The best and the simplest way to explain about us is: "just a few people who want to meditate"

Our practitioners receive continuous spiritual support, guidance and encouragement in their journey into spiritual practice with Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ®. 

To maintain smaller numbers and thereby a higher level of emphasis on the individual practitioner, joining Nirodha is only by invitation than application. 


To keep the teaching pure and free off consumerism Nirodha Retreats Worldwide ® provides all services free of any and avoid generosity with cost covering. practitioners themselves handle and cover the costs. leaving donations separate. 


All management and financial matters are handled by a committee of practitioners and not by a body of management or teachers.


Complete the

Right From the Start Course

This course is a pre-requisite that teaches the basics of meditation.  Depending on where you reside, these courses can be accessed in-person or online.  Upon completion of the RFS course, one can join the assigned meditation class and receive other benefits from Nirodha Retreats Worldwide that will support your practice.


Complete a beginner retreat 

Upon completion of a Nirodha beginner retreat, one can join Nirodha programs with the teacher’s recommendation. The beginner retreat will cover many basic concepts that a yogi finds essential before joining the intermediate and advanced training.


Meeting with teacher

On rare occasions some yogis have joined Nirodha programs after meeting with Bhanté where he was able to evaluate the yogi and

directly enroll them to a specific program. This would make the participant join Nirodha without the pre-requisite of the Right From the Start program or a beginner retreat. 

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