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Nirodha is a journey of spiritual practice that brings the practitioner to a way out of suffering in both worldly and non worldly spheres.  Meditation practice is considered an indispensable training in gaining wisdom into the true nature of things that brings about such a state of no-suffering.

Due to the individualised teaching and training, we are compelled to select a smaller number of yogis and thereby entrance is limited.  One of the key features is that beginners need to be sponsored by a  practicing yogi.  There are three ways that an individual can join Nirodha.

The three ways of joining

Successful completion of Right from the Start course

This course can be accessed either in person with the teacher or the Nirodha Retreats Worldwide group that’s closest in proximity to you, where a real-time class will be held online, if the teacher is not available in your region.   Upon completion of the RFS course, one can join the regular classes and also receive other benefits from Nirodha Retreats Worldwide.  Some yogis find that the RFS course is the easiest way to join Nirodha Retreats Worldwide.



Participation and completion of a Beginner retreat   Register for a Retreat
Join a Beginner retreat in which you will learn to meditate with personalised teaching designed for your progress toward becoming a steady meditator.  The completion of a retreat will give an in-depth understanding of the practice that you can then choose to continue. 

Meeting with the teacher Bhanté Samadhikusalo
If you have access to Bhanté in your area, sometimes he may directly evaluate you and direct you to either of the above or personally guide and train you individually, if he so wishes.  



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