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Why are our courses offered on donations only?


Within the Eastern tradition of meditation, we practice Dāna (Pali for giving) by offering the Buddha’s teachings free of charge to all. Generosity is considered a great quality of character that the Buddha encouraged his students to cultivate. As we continue this ancient monastic tradition of offering teaching on a dāna basis, we ask that you practice generosity by donating toward the teacher and our organisation. The act of giving is, therefore, purified by the giver and the receiver. Neither the giver nor the receiver is limited so you may give according to your capacity. 

The deeper teaching here is developing the joy of giving which leads to further purification through renunciation (what ordained monastics practice). These are advanced practices based on the foundation of generosity. 


If you have specific questions about donations and generosity, please let us know and we will look into getting answers to your questions to support your practice.

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