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Right From the Start

(Since 2010)

step-by-step guidance and techniques of becoming a true meditator.

"Right From The Start" (RFS) program 

The "Right From The Start" (RFS) program is an introductory course on Meditation which includes basic concepts of: awareness, mindfulness, types of meditation and challenges you would face in the practice. 

Course comprises 5 weekly sessions.

Depending on where you reside, (RFS) can be accessed 'in person' or 'online'. 

A yogi completing the RFS can join an assigned regular class and receive the guidance and support to continue the practice. 



Online Platform


how can I join

TBA (Sri Lanka time)


Nirodha City Centre, Colombo, Sri Lanka



Bhikkhu Samādhikusalà

Show your interest 

RFS Non-residential Program Structure

The course comprises of five classes over 5 weeks. 

Each class consists of a guided meditation

sit and a Dhamma Talk.


Overall Hours:

25.6 hours of sitting

5 hours of lectures

2.5 hours of training 

Optional assessment every week.

Mandatory assessment in Week 4

For Whom



Start with learning the basics of meditation that will help you lay a foundation for practice.

Upon completion of the course, you gain access to:


Personalised guidance 

Develop capacity of continuing an efficient and relevant individually daily sitting (30-45-60 minutes)

Understand basic concepts of meditation

Application of concepts learned 

Structured and progressive meditation training

What you'll learn


Peripherals to the practice

Defining meditation and its Purpose

Common Misconceptions and avoiding pitfalls in the practice

Guiding meditation and introduction to awareness

Beginning your Practice


Four Foundations of Mindfulness - an introduction

Obstacles and challenges and the role of defilements

Developing the practice further

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