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Stillness & Insight Retreat, Weligama - Sri Lanka

Stillness & Insight Retreat, Weligama - Sri Lanka

At the end of July in 2018, a Nirodha meditation retreat on Stillness and Insight was completed. The three-day retreat was conducted at an ayurvedic resort nestled in a jungle beach, located in Weligama. The resort served only organic vegetarian food contributing to yogi energy being light and free and thus more conducive for practice.

As always, the retreat was designed to be unique and personalized for each participating yogi and included sitting for up to 15 hours a day. The glass paneled meditation hall overlooked Turtle Bay and the white crests of the ocean waves. Each yogi was given individualized meditation teaching to further develop their personal practice. Some yogis participated in an all-night sit that ended with the sun rising over the Indian Ocean.

In each retreat there are many newcomers and this was Yogi Nalindra’s first retreat.


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