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Land Offering

Bhanté Samadhikusala offers a 16 acre land in Ingiriya and another very highly valued land in Bolgoda to the Maha Sangha Sabha. These lands had been offered to Bhanté Samadhikusala by devotees for the purpose of meditation but he later found that they were not conducive for the practice of meditation, upon which he decided to offer it to the Sangha Sabha. Bhanté Samadhikusala further explained that: rather than utilizing these lands for other purposes, that he alone (one monk) could benefit, it is greater when many monks can benefit and be part of its ownership. Hence the best is to donate it to Sangha Sabha, the supreme council of all monks as a headquarters and the official residence of the Mahanayakas of the present and future.

This photo depicts the land offering ceremony in which Ven. Kotapitiye Rahula Anunayake Thero is explaining the valuable service, purpose and intentions of this noble gift. Chairing the occasion is the Mahanayake thero and other senior monks of the Kotte Sangha Sabha and also in the picture are Nirodha yogis Specialist Dr. Anuruddha Abeygunasekera; Major General Amal Karunasekera; Retd. Captain Asita Wijesekera; Mr Abeyratne Jayasundera among other Nirodha yogis, Bhanté Samadhikusala is seated in the middle after offering the deeds of the lands to the Mahanayake Thero.

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