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RFS Restructured for better application

The Right From the Start meditation program (RFS) now completing its 23rd year since inception was a program developed by Samādhikusalà Thero after years of teaching many meditators from all walks of life and was conducted first officially in 2010.

The program effectively addresses the anomalies in meditation practitioners, hence its success. Due to training with untrained meditation teachers and various techniques and methodologies, many genuine meditators suffered with the aforementioned anomalies and often with wrong interpretations. This course covers from the beginning the basics and smooth progression towards the stable and highly motivated practitioner.

After the completion of the course the graduates move onto the regular meditation classes to further their meditation practice. The program therefore functions as a prerequisite for meditation practice that’s taught in all Nirodha centres and programs. Although the program is highly informative one must understand that this in comparison to the whole of the teachings taught by Samadhikusalo Thero is a teaser program and what lies further is far more deep and profound bringing you to higher states of consciousness and spiritual liberation.

Current practitioners comprise of those who have been practicing for over 25 years and the core group of yogis consists of practitioners who started in 2016 and now have over 7 years of practice.

The RFS program recommenced after a few years and now with receiving new premises for meditation located at 48 Hospital Road in Dehiwela, the course has been restructured to be more effective. The original 5 day RFS course has been revised to be covered in 3 half day sessions which wold include more time for practice and learning in a shorter time-frame.

Start Date

End Date

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​March 2

March 16


March 23

​April 6


April 13

April 27


May 5

May 19


May 26

June 8


June 15

​June 29


July 6

July 20


July 27

August 10


August 17

August 31


Sept. 7

Sept. 21


Sept. 28

Oct. 12


Oct. 19

​Nov. 2


​Nov. 9

​Nov. 23


Nov. 30

Dec. 21


Instructions to apply:

  • Please apply at least one month in advance of your selected session to book your place.

  • Nirodha Retreats Worldwide is not a public organisation therefore numbers are limited by selection and space and we suggest you apply early to avoid disappointment.

  • In order to complete the course, please ensure your availably for three consecutive Saturdays from the selected start date.

  • These classes are provided as an act of generosity. There are no fees or hidden charges. However voluntary donations are most welcome for the continuation of this program.

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