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Begin and enhance your journey of spiritual practice with techniques that brings the practitioner to a way out of suffering in both worldly and non worldly spheres.  Meditation practice is considered an indispensable training in gaining wisdom into the true nature of things that brings about such a state of no-suffering.

You must begin from where ever you currently are and continue your journey with access to spiritual teachings, meditation guidance and one-on-one coaching and retreats available online and in-person.


to relinquish suffering 

in this very life 

Gain Containment tranquility and wisdom

Types of learning and Training



"here in Sati I sit 

being with many alike

for liberation"


Classes are offered online or in-person and comprise of sessions on a topic about meditation.  These sessions are designed to help you progress from differing levels of initiation.  Sessions at Nirodha usually begin with a meditation sit followed by instructions or information in the form of a talk (Lecture) followed by a short Q&A period. 



Retreats conducted by Nirodha  provide an experience that cultivates physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  The teachings are personalized for the participants and repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, tranquility and active reconnection with body and mind.


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"The river flows 

Life passes rapidly

I will learn to wait"

Next Retreat
Level of entry

"Silently I sat

Every morning before dawn

Peace was at my reach"


The focus on the individual rather than larger groups as a concept has evolved over a decade and a half in Nirodha Retreats Worldwide. 

This provides a comprehensive individualised training for the deserving meditation practitioner.  

Numbers of practitioners that can be handled in this category is smaller than desired.  Online and web-based teaching with specialised programs that facilitate direct input from the teacher are available as a constant support. 

Vipassana Retreats

The Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation Retreat is designed to be a transformative experience in awareness. The teachings are based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness - body, feelings, mind and mind objects. The main objective is to direct your awareness to break through delusion and develop an understanding of true nature.

Pariyatti Retreats

Sutta-based retreat include the study of specific sutras or sections of the Dhammapada.  Each day there is a Dhamma discussion accompanied by the practice.  The retreats are best suited for yogis who have passed the first few years of practice, so as not to be harmful for beginner yogis.

Nirodha Retreat

A Nirodha Retreat is an exclusive experience for the whole being.  The retreat that is between five and 21 days is personalized for each participant to cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Unique aspects of a Nirodha retreat include meditation practice and Dhamma teaching supported by holistic healthy practices, organic nutrition and practices that exemplify a balanced lifestyle. 


Repeat attendees testify on the positive outcomes including improvement in focus, concentration and active reconnection with body and mind

Pilgrimage  Retreats

Pilgrimage tour retreats include an external tour to Buddhist sites in India and Sri Lanka.  The sites include those of Buddhist significance including temples, and sites where the Buddha attained enlightenment, preached the first sermon setting in motion the wheel of the Dhamma, places that the Buddha resided and preached sermons, and where he passed away.  Meditations retreats, tours and trekking (optional) are a part of the retreat. Pilgrimage tours are open to all yogis, families and friends. 

Academic Courses

A combination of academic courses are available for the meditation practitioner to develop one’s knowledge on Dhamma.  Developing the knowledge of Dhamma provide guidelines for one’s spiritual life as well as help to clarify the right from the wrong and uncertainties of the spiritual path.


Beginner session 

One of the successful and sought after sessions in this category is the Right-From-the-Start  (RFS) program which was initiated in 2010.  This series focuses primarily on introduction to meditation that covers the basics of meditation.


There are pre-RFS and post RFS classes that also help the beginner sessions to be a more comprehensive category.  

Public Sessions


Meditation sessions held at various public forums and Centres other than that of Nirodha Centres are considered as public sessions. 

The topics on these talks are random in nature making talks non-sequential. Today with the pandemic environment we are compelled to have these types of sessions using various online platforms.  

Regular Classes

Meditators who are committed in attending Nirodha classes weekly or bi-weekly, online or at a specific Nirodha City Centre are joining these sequential classes.  Attendees of regular classes are also invited for smaller group classes, programs and exclusive retreats.  


The Dedicated Practitioner Program (DPP) is designed for yogis who practice exclusively with Nirodha retreats and have worked for sometime to get more than the regular level of classes and programs.  Yogis are invited to join the DPP that has a Part 1 and 2.   DPP is followed by programs in Teacher Assisting and Management.

Personalised Meditation Guidance

Following a brief assessment of each individual, the meditation instructions and guidance provided to each yogi is personalised to suit them.  Daily practice is monitored and followed up with next steps to be followed by the yogi.  Personalised guidance is provided online and in-person in classes and on retreats.

Small Group Classes

To foster personalised teaching, small group classes are conducted especially to teach a specific topic or practice.  The class size enables the teacher to provide guidance in a way that is specific and relevant for the benefit of the participants in that group.

Private Classes

When determined by the teacher, there are private classes conducted for a yogi or for a small group of yogis.  These classes are designed to provide further training on a specific topic or practice.

Sutta Study Course

Sutras “sutta” meaning discourses of the Buddha from the ancient text "Sutta Pitaka" is available to Nirodha yogis who have practiced for more than three years.


This is an advanced course where Dhamma is discussed in-depth and the program is designed to provide a  supportive foundation for their meditation practice rather than encouraging dry scholarship. 

Right From Start

The "Right From The Start" (RFS) program is an introductory course in meditation designed for yogis new to the Nirodha style of teaching which is personalized to each individual yogi. The course includes basic concepts including awareness, mindfulness, postures for meditation and challenges in the practice.  Attendance in all the sessions is mandatory if you intend to finish the course.

The Essential Dhammapada (EDp) course

Designed for meditators who need to support their practice with the direct teachings of the Buddha. This course is structured to include the basics of the Dhammapada along with techniques of how to study, interpret and apply the teachings to the practice.   The course focuses on selected stanzas that are relevant for foundational study and application. Each class consists of reading and reciting of stanzas followed by translation from Pali and understanding the relevant background story. 

Book Discussion 

Bhanté Samadhikusalo elaborates on selected Dhamma Talks including guidance for meditation practice and advice on how to develop wholesome behaviors to be a better person.  The teachings are often supported by real-life examples and thereby making the teaching practical and applicable to daily life.


About Teacher



Childhood ~ Lay-Teacher ~ Buddhist Monk


Rather than teaching the theory of meditation through lectures and public forums alone, Bhanté’s teaching propels around the “Nirodha Retreat” making yogis benefit from a training of meditation lifestyle practice in a silent and secluded environment which many find as a life changing experience and immeasurable asset for self development.


In his quest for his own liberation, the layman Dhammaruwan took permanent ordination as a Buddhist monk on April 10, 2016.  The ordination ceremony took place in the Bhavana Society’s Forest Monastery in West Virginia, USA before a large gathering of monks, lay devotees, his students and his friends


You can start or continue your spiritual journey matching your own lifestyle. Whether an aspiring practitioner or a yogi who seeks deeper understanding and guidance for meditation practice, you can choose from a range of Nirodha offerings and resources that are available based on your chosen level of commitment for learning and practicing meditation.  

Understand your level of commitment toward the practice of meditation.

New meditators can start with access to basic teachings through multi-media resources available in the Open Forum section.  When ready for the next level of step-by-step meditation instruction, there is the option to further develop a  practice with Nirodha Retreats classes, courses and retreats.  

Meditators who continue practicing with Nirodha can register to access the next level of resources and tools.  These include the next set of classes, teachings and online meditation tracking tools.   Regular meditators will also be invited to participate in community activities and Nirodha programs and retreats subject to availability.  

Yogis who have practiced regularly with Nirodha for three years or more and show commitment who wish to continue with Nirodha Retreats Worldwide® will receive additional options for training such as initial meditation instructions, entrance to meditation retreats and small group classes. 

Regular practitioners who wish to commit themselves more towards their practices and activities of Nirodha Retreats Worldwide® will receive more opportunity and further develop including direct access to the teacher on meditation related questions and personalised guidance by Bhanté Samadhikusala and private classes.  Dedicated Practitioners will also be invited to hold honorary office in Nirodha Retreats Worldwide® and Samadhikusala Foundation.

Following selection from the teacher, yogis will be invited to join the teaching assistant program.  The role and duties will be as assigned by the teacher.




Dedicated Practitioner Program

Teaching Assistant Program

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to Come, to See, to Commit 

Aspiring meditation practitioners find useful content in the Meditation Open forum. Access the available materials.


To begin learning meditation  with Nirodha, take a look at the section on Level of Entry.